piLagTeseterPRO 2.5 released

A new version of the piLagTesterPRO is out. The big change is that the raw data that you use to make pretty plots can now be exported to excel, etc. The native format for use with octave/matlab is still included, but now takes up less space than it did before, so you could say that all aspects of data export have been improved.

A bug fix for the autoTest script is also included, and the quickstart documentation (printed when you first turn on the pi) has been improved. Otherwise not much has changed - the code is getting mature and there's not a lot left to improve.

Finally, for the pi4, a new firmware is used that works better with 480i. My standard update script can't apply new firmware's so you'll have to download a whole new image. 

Download link and instructions here.


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