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Add 960x600 resolution (16x10 aspect ratio) to ATI Radeon display drivers

ATI doesn't offer a lot of different resolutions built into their drivers. If you have a wide aspect monitor (16x10, for instance) and you want to run at a lower resolution that preserves the aspect ratio, you'll need this hack (I do it to make full-screen flash videos play smoothly 0n my 1920x1200 LCD). All it takes is regedit and a bit of attention to detail.

First, you need to determine the registry key you need to edit. This will vary by computer, but can be looked up in the catalyst control panel (see first pic). Note the "2D driver file path". Now open regedit (start>run>regedit), and navigate to that key, which will be something like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Video\{random numbers here which you just looked up}\0000]

Next you want to edit DALNonStandardModesBCD1; just follow the format of the binary data, and add the resolution (+ refresh rate) to the end of the key.

See second pic for example that adds 960x600 at 60hz. Note the leading zeros, required if the resolution is less than 1000. The order of the lines does not matter, but those leading zeros (and the zeros between the resolution and the refresh rate) must be preserved.

Finally, reboot. Tested and known to work with the 6.9 drivers. Thanks where it's due: I first figured this out from this forum post.

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