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Wanted: small-screen phone with stylus

Why is it that the only two phones that have built-in styli are phablets? The bigger your phone the easier it is to use your fat fingers to type, touch, tap, and swipe. A stylus is really most useful on a small screen, where every key, link and button are just a little too small for comfort.

Consider for a moment why you might want a phone with a big screen. Probably because you wanted to be able to see more, right? Larger web pages, more lines in your email. But here's the thing: that's a function of screen resolution and font choice, not screen size. If you think a small font would make it too hard to read keep in mind that you could just hold the phone closer to your face. There's no equivalent trick to making your fingers smaller, however. Thus the stylus.

So here is the proposal: a pocketable phone with a smaller screen, but relatively high resolution. And a built in stylus so that it's not too hard to use the smaller screen. Personally, I think a 4.7" or 5" screen size would be about right.

Such a phone would not appeal to everyone, but it certainly would stand out amoung what seems to be a lot of nearly identical phones currently on the market.

Monument valley is a beautiful walking simulator

It looks amazing and sounds pretty good, but it's not really a puzzle game. Except for a couple levels it's always obvious what to do next. That said it's a pretty amazing experience, if kind of short. The dlc "forgotten shores" is slightly harder and even more of a Escher tribute, and totally worth $2.

I also played Evo explores, a less inspired clone. Except, it had actually challenging puzzles. So it was really better as a game, even if the overall experience wasn't as good.

I akso tried Mekorama, since it was free (no ads, no nags, amazing!). Too much of a walking simulator, no real puzzles. The presentation was more inspired than Evo explores, but nowhere as good as monument valley.

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