Sunday, July 16, 2017

Inverted camera hardware mod for Sony PS2 dual-shock controllers: for purchase!!

I grew up on inverted camera controls (joystick forward to look down, etc), but for some reason there are games that don't offer inversion as a toggleable option. Very frustrating, because once you adapt to a control scheme it's hugely distracting and difficult to switch to another. I would even say it makes the games unplayable. My solution to this problem is to rewire the Sony dualshock2 controller so that the inversion happens at a hardware level. To "switch" it on and off you have to swap controllers, which is a pain, but so much better than not having inverted camera. To cut to the chase, now that I've figured out how to do this, I'm offering my services to modify your dual-shock controller to be hardwired to inverted too.

To be fair, it's all about what you are used to. Once you grow attached to inverted (or uninverted) it just feels natural and all other schemes feel wrong. An inverted dualshock controller merely swaps what is reported to the console. E.g. when you push the joystick forward it sends the signal that it was pulled back. So an inverted controller can un-invert a game that only offers inverted camera, if that's your preference.

The form of inverted camera I prefer is inverted in both X and Y. That means pushing the stick forward shifts the view down (Y inversion). X inversion means that pushing the stick left turns the view to the right. Both X and Y inversion feel especially logical in 3rd person perspective games, where the camera "rotates" around the player.

Either X, or Y, or both can be hardwired inverted. A lot of games offer Y inversion as an option, but then don't invert X, so IMHO the most useful rewiring of the dual shock controller is just inverting X on the right joystick. I can invert either joystick or both. It doesn't really matter much in terms of complexity. (In fact the easiest is to invert x and y of both left and right joysticks; unfortunate, since that's not particularly useful).

A partial list of unconfigurable games that become playable with a hardwired inverted dual-shock controller: Red Dead Revolver, Ironman, Chicken Little: ace in action. There are many more. Of course there's a completely separate list of unconfigurable games made playable if you are the type that don't like inverted camera.

I'm offering my services for $30. That's actually not a good financial return on my time but this is a issue I feel fairly passionate about, and I'm really pleased that I figured out how to do it. For that price you need to send me a genuine Sony PS2 dual-shock controller to have moded. Please make sure it has plenty of life left in it. You can also do it yourself by opening up a PS2 controller, cutting some traces, and soldering new ones. It's not hard, just time consuming, but if you can solder it's totally worth it. I'd provide detailed instructions here but I've seen the inside of a few PS2 dual-shock controllers and each were different! The key is that each joystick has 3 pins for each axis. You need to swap the voltage between the two outer pins.

You can email me for more details/shipping address with the form at the bottom of this page.

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