Thursday, June 1, 2017

Is the DVDO HD+ any good for playing PS2 games on an LCD? Svideo tests.

LCD tvs can display older video formats, but usually do a pretty bad job compared to a real CRT. This is particularly true for retro video game systems, which were games were designed to look their best with some blur (and scanlines)!

Here, I look at the DVDO HD+ deinterlacer for playing playstation 2 games. In my opinion, the output can look *too* sharp when using component cables, so here I use s-video. Check out the labels at the end of this post at the end for comparison photos from other devices.

x-man copyright screen has no motion, so deinterlacing should be at it's very best, and it is:

x-man title screen has continuous background motion, so deinterlacing should be much harder. Still looks good, but the logo is much more jagged:

jack II title screen has jagged edges around the text, but is relatively soft in s-video mode:

shadow of the colossus suffers from very jagged edges. In svideo mode they are not so obvious:

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