Thursday, April 29, 2010

MSI 770-C45 AM3 motherboard review summary

A good AMD motherboard should have at least  the following features: 4 DIMM slots and an AM3 socket. This MSI 770-C45 motherboard meets those requirements. Other notable specs:

6 SATA, 0 eSATA.
2 PS/2 port
1 COM port
No onboard video.
6-core CPU support.
NO Core unlocking.
No floppy connector. 

There aren't any mainstream reviews of this board.

This blogger has a short post for the PRO version which doesn't say much more than you can learn from reading the specs.Note: I'm discussing the non-PRO version here, which has 1 more SATA, one less eSATA, and no crossfire support.

Trusted Reviews - doesn't say much more than reading the specs will tell you.

Newegg has 102 customer reviews. The following negative comments were noted:

  • 12 DOA
  • 7 people had stability problems
  • 4 failed fail in the first couple months
  • 2 people said the manual was unreadable/useless. 
  • 1 person said the on-board audio quality was "terrible"
The NewEgg reviews are quite negative. I would avoid this board, as it doesn't seem to offer much over more highly rated boards that cost only $10 more. 

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